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Happiness is something that we cannot get by intention and aim. But it is something that we can attain through indirect pursuance, by putting it out of our minds and pursuing the set of interests and passions whose satisfaction will generate happiness. Happiness, according to this perspective, is the mental state that arises from having a meaningful and fulfilling life. Aachol Foundation cares about happiness and that led to the formation of a team which works for the concept of happiness and its relation with our lives under the project named Project Happiness. Project Happiness is basically a separate section of Aachol Foundation that contributes to the understanding and significance of an emotion called happiness.. The aim of this project is not only to let the people know about happiness and its multiple dimensions but also to inject the realization and worth of being happy and how that works through different activities. With this aim and focus on happiness as a vital part of mental health, Project Happiness has been conducting activities under the guidance of Md. Elius Kanchan, first certified happiness coach. Following are some of the contributions made by Project Happiness:
  •  Two courses 
  1. Mastering the Happiness (myth to discover)
  2.  Science of Happiness.
  • Three webinars
  1.  "Power of Happiness - Building an Emotional Immune System"
  2. "The Pursuit of Happiness (Arts of Finding Your Inner self)" 
  3. "The Power of Happiness”
  •  Offline workshop named "Happiness and Me".
Through the engagement in the activities and events arranged by Project Happiness, participants become able to:
  1.  Understand the value of happiness and its contribution to the wellbeing of life
  2.  Have a mentality to conduct a stress free lifestyle.
  3.  Work on enhancement of productivity and creativity 
  4.  Ensure better relationships with their surroundings.
  5.  Develop a stronger mindset to remain calm and collected.
  6.  Lead a happier life as well as a healthier life.
16 September 2023 ; 10:00pm
Google Meet
Map Your Career With Gazi Mizanur Rahman
28 July 2023 08:30pm
Google Meet
Situational Stress Management
4th &10th March (9am -6pm)
Bishwo Shahitto Kendro
Aamra Social Pioneer: Mind Camp
২৭শে জানুয়ারি, ২০২৩
বিশ্ব সাহিত্য কেন্দ্র
Updated Version of Myself
১২ই নভেম্বর, ২০২২ ইং সকাল ১০ টা থেকে দুপুর ১ টা
স্থানঃ ব্যবসায় শিক্ষা অনুষদ, ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়
Happiness & me! (Let the world smile with you)
86/1 RK Tower, Bir Uttam C. R. Datta Road, Banglamotor, Dhaka -1205
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