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In the predominantly digital world, where billions of faceless users interact on social platforms, anonymity fuels various kinds of cyber crimes. Cyber harassment, hacking, piracy and privacy infringement put millions at risk. The constant threat of data steal, pictures and privacy leakage, digital stalking and identity fraud takes a toll on mental health. In developing countries like Bangladesh, the absence of proper digital laws to protect and ensure the cybersecurity of the citizens worsens the situation and the rate of cybercrimes reaches a peak. The gravity of cybercrimes act as a trigger for depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. As Aachol Foundation works to curb the causes of mental health crises along with the mitigation of effects of mental illness, the Project Awaj was launched.   The aim of Project Awaj is to extend an empathetic and helping hand to the victims of cybercrime, spread awareness about various kinds of cybercrimes and share tips for the prevention of cybercrimes. Project Awaj works towards the development of a legal unit to provide legal assistance along with the moral support to the victims of cybercrime, so they can fight their battle in a safe and non-judgmental legal environment to claim their cyber rights.   In this regard, Project Awaj has contributed a considerable volume of awareness content, visual and written, conducted campaigns and webinars in solidarity with cyber victims and to initiate debates about the dire need for the establishment of cybersafe digital space. 
1 December 2023 ; 08pm
Google Meet
No More Violence: Raise Your Voice Against CYBERCRIME
Cybercrime : Categories, Challenges and Remedies
10 November 2023 08pm
Google Meet
Cybercrime : Categories, Challenges and Remedies
6 August 2023 08:00pm
Google Meet
Cyber Violence & Sexual Harassment
4th &10th March (9am -6pm)
Bishwo Shahitto Kendro
Aamra Social Pioneer: Mind Camp
Google Meet
Cyber Bullying And Your Self Confidence
20 February, 2021, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Zoom Webinar
Project Awaj: Webinar On Cyber Pandemic How Much Safe You Are!
9th April, 2021, 08.30 pm- 10.00 pm
Social Media: What we Like, Comment, Share?
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