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The main objective of the project surfaid's establishment is to organize skill development programs as means of dealing with mental health. In the organization of such programs, all the logistics of event management are carried out by the Project Surfaid including registration form development & spread, date source, moderation ideas, guest management, email exchange, venue selection, event launch, digital marketing and so on. Moreover, the team ensures the smooth navigation of participants on the event day so that participants do not face any difficulties during the session. So, the entire framework of the program is created by Project Surfaid.    Some notable works done by Project Surfaid are:
  •  "Design Thinking: The Way to Solve a Problem
The webinar "Design Thinking: The Way to Solve a Problem" was about how to overcome frustration and solve problems. It dealt with the process of how depression works in different situations in our life (eg: studies, family, job, business)  
  • "Facing Own: Struggle Behind Stories"
In the "Facing Own: Struggle Behind Stories" session, Gauranga Chandra Debnath shared the story of struggle in his life and discussed the problems which the current generation is facing in their lives, studies, and career.  
  • Sessions on Happiness
Two sessions were arranged on Happiness called "The Pursuit of Happiness: Art of Finding Your Inner Self" and "The Power of Happiness: How to Build an Emotional Immune System".
  • Bonding: Why Are Our Relationships Being Fragile? 
The program offered ideas about ​​building relationships.  
  • The Art of Communication for Your Career 
Project Surfaid and the School of Public Speaking organized a paid, offline workshop called "The Art of Communication for Your Career". Md. Abdul Qayyum, Head of Communication, UNDP, and Mr. Rafiq Ruman, Communication Scholar, as well as Mentor of the School of Public Speaking were the guests at the workshop.  
  • Loving Yourself 
The main purpose of the webinar was to recognize the problems caused by body shaming and how to cope with it. The guest for the event was Tahiya Islam, founder of Pensive Stories.  
  • Time for You- Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style 
A free webinar was organized online. Its objective was to know thyself, to love and to fight one’s way out of depression, as well as lend a helping hand to others. GM Iftekhar Iftee, Health Professional and Founder, Mindvana was the guest speaker.
24 Nov 2023 ; 08pm
Google Meet
Strategies to conquer overthinking with Nahida
08 September 2023 ; 08:30pm
Stress and Anxiety Management
4th &10th March (9am -6pm)
Bishwo Shahitto Kendro
Aamra Social Pioneer: Mind Camp
14th Feb,2023
Google Meet
How To Map Your Career
fblive surfaid
Facebook Live, Google Meet
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