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On a daily basis, students in our society experience bouts of depression, since they struggle to find work. Even if they are competent at the job execution, graduates find it difficult to get employment for themselves. As a result, the mental stability of most people deteriorates, which makes them despondent and more likely to become frustrated. However, one of the primary causes of this issue is the lack of fundamental skills that a person requires on a daily basis, such as teamwork, communication, creativity, leadership, adaptability, or soft skills related to using a spreadsheet or Google Excel, making a presentation, editing a video, etc.   To help the young minds develop their life skills, which contributes in future to build a positive portfolio and acquire jobs, Aaachol foundation initiated the project "Be the Linchpin". Project  " Be the Linchpin", sponsors a variety of events and sessions on broad subjects that are very beneficial to people from all fields of business and life.   In the events, many well-known guests are invited and they present their view-points and teach on the subject. To make the events successful, members of the Project linchpin work on a variety of tasks that contribute to their own betterment in the following ways:  
  1. Improve their writing abilities
  2. Growth in terms of creativity
  3. Enhanced editing skills
  4. Increased knowledge of a subject
  5. Their ability to work together efficiently
  6. Development in their communication skills
17 Nov 2023 ; 08pm- 09pm
Google Meet
Master your Emotions: Unleash Your Self-Power
18 August 2023 08pm
Google Meet
Be Proactive with Your Time, Make your day purposeful
4th &10th March (9am -6pm)
Bishwo Shahitto Kendro
Aamra Social Pioneer: Mind Camp
09/12/2022 , 8:00 PM
Google Meet
How To Ace Multitasking
86/1 RK Tower, Bir Uttam C. R. Datta Road, Banglamotor, Dhaka -1205
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