Food and Mental Health

Food and mental health, it may seem that these two have no relationship. However, if we go a little deeper, it is clear that the food we eat has a significant effect on our mental health.

Our overall mental health depends on the health of our brain. The food we eat affects the health of the brain and the function of its hormones. Among the hormones are serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, etc. are ‘Happy Hormones‘ that keep our minds cheerful, away from mental exhaustion. The interesting thing is that we can influence the production and effectiveness of this ‘Happy Hormone” through our diet.


Here are some foods that are good for mental health

  • Protein based foods such as fish, meat, eggs, milk, pulses, beans, etc. Have many types of amino acids, one of which is tyrosine, phenylalanine, which helps to make a hormone called dopamine. There is also an amino acid called tryptophan which helps in the production of the hormone serotonin.
  • The main fuel for the brain is glucose which we get mostly from sugars. Studies have shown that glucose from complex sugars such as brown rice, brown flour, barley, oats, etc. are more beneficial to our brain than simple sugars.
  • Antioxidant rich foods protect our body cells as well as our brain cells from free radicals. Which improves the overall brain function. Various colorful vegetables, fruits etc. are excellent sources of antioxidants.
  • Recent research has shown that brain health is linked to our gut health. Therefore, probiotic foods such as yogurt (without sugar), sprouted foods, etc. Are essential for intestinal health. As well as fiber-rich foods.
  • Magnesium and selenium affect our mental health. Both of them have antidepressant properties. Magnesium Helps to increase dopamine levels. Selenium helps overall mental well-being. Magnesium is found in whole grains, corn, nuts, pulses, meat, etc. And animal protein is an excellent source of selenium.
  • Vitamin B complex is another important component of the well-being of our brain. It fights mental illness. B complex can be found in fish, meat, liver, eggs, nuts, pulses, dark green leafy vegetables etc.

In addition, omega 3, zinc, iron, potassium, vitamin C and other elements are important to maintain our mental health.

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Just as some foods help our mental health, some foods also have an adverse effect on our brain. Such as: Various processed foods which contain unhealthy fats, excess sugar, dyes, etc. As well as all types of fast food are harmful to our health and research has shown that these foods are also harmful to our mental health.

Food is one of the many factors that affect mental health. Mental health can be maintained by eating a balanced diet while maintaining balance in all the aspects related to mental health.



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