"Be A Source of Comfort" training on Psychological First Aid

As the psychological crises continue to spike, the individuals remain reluctant to take counselling due to fear of stigma and unawareness with regards to significance of psychological stability. But we understand your dilemma, and we are here with the alternative solution!
Aachol Foundation is offering training on Psychological First Aid. PFA is not traditional psychiatric or professional mental health treatment, it is a strategy to reduce stress reactions through provision of additional support to those who have been affected by a traumatic or emergency incident. It reduces psychological distress by providing a caring comforting presence from a friend and non-judgmental entity.
So, register today to acquire the psychological first aid training in a friendly, non-judgmental and positive environment to give first aid to psychological wounds of your dear ones. Spend on your mind for ability to provide psychological first aid to others and become “A Source of Comfort”.
The training include 8 sessions of one and half hour each to become “A Source of Comfort”.

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