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09/12/2022 , 8:00 PM

How To Ace Multitasking



# Responding to emails while listening to a podcast.
# Taking notes during a lecture.
# Completing paperwork while reading the fine print.
# Talking on the phone while greeting someone

After listening all of these ,you wish that you were a multi tasker. But is it really possible to Multitask or is it just a Myth? Come and learn with Aachol Foundation by participating in webinar ” How To Ace Multitasking “.

This webinar will be presented by our honorable speakers,

Sabbir Sarkar
EnglishA2Z & BDYoungStarz


Bayezid Khan Rajib
School of Public Speaking (SPS) , who can assist you to learn to perform your tasks more efficiently and effectively.

★ Certificates will also be given for the completion of this session.
?Date: 09/12/2022
?Time: 8:00 PM
?Venue: Google Meet
?Registration fee : 100 tk
?bKash: 01830959398

?Registration Link:

❇️ Early registration fee 80 tk and if you use reference of any Aachol Foundation’s member the registration Fee will be 50 tk.

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